Monday, 14 January 2013

It's Time to Change

It would be an understatement if one said India had a poor 2012. It was a year in which not only the cricket team plunged to the bottom, the country as a whole faced crisis after crisis. It is interesting that the current state of affairs in India match that of the cricket team.

Similar to the Indian politicians and religious leaders who have been making some really lame excuses for the incidents in Delhi, and rather than finding the right solution to stop the menace, have been coldly putting the blame on the women of the country - the Indian board and players rather than accepting the reality, have tried to justify their poor performances due to player injuries, unfair pitch conditions, etc.

In India, we have a tendency to put the blame on the others without analyzing ourselves. Yes corruption is rampant in the country, but before making judgments about others, shouldn’t we put ourselves in their shoes. I am not saying what they are doing is right, but corruption in India really starts from a very young age. Even college students, at the first sight of embezzling funds from the authorities for various college activities do their best to trick them by submitting doctored/tampered bills. The only difference is that the students deal in thousands whereas the politicians deal in lakhs. It isn’t the ideal situation, but it is where the seeds are planted.

Similarly, the Indian team rather than introspecting to identify what they have been doing wrong, resorted to sharing excuses with the hope that all will return to normalcy. But as it generally happens, if one is complacent and over-confident, things don’t go as per plan.

It is time for India as a nation to move on, face the ground reality and try to find solutions than just running away from the problems, hoping it gets solved by itself. Just like how the cold wave has gripped north India, a dark cloud has risen over India and has brought darkness and despair.

A new year has dawned upon us, and what better occasion to start afresh. The tradition has been to make a New Year resolution, but generally people following it has been an aberration. Let us all try together to make India a better place to live in by being accountable for our deeds and focus on offering constructive criticism and providing solutions.

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Ravindranathan said...

Good analysis and comparison. Very easy to criticize others. But are we doing our duty first? A pot cannot call a kettle black. Everyone wants others to do the right thing. Politicians are the first to be blamed as easy targets. Are they not people just like us? And among-st us? They will give preference to actions that will lead to votes in any democracy. Hence they will not lead the public, but will let the public lead them. How many politicians can change the attitude of the masses? Similar factors overrule all administrative aspects which will have subjective elements even in cricket administration.

The Cricket Diary said...

Politics has always had a say in India. 2012 was really a horrible year for India overall, not only in cricket. Had a few sparkling moments, but mostly a year to forget. However, I believe India are in the middle of a transition stage, and are bound to come good soon, with youngsters coming in the team. Exciting teams ahead!

Sai Ram

Rohit Ramachandran Poduval said...

Yes definitely a year to forget! Lets hope for a better 2013 ! :)

Rohit Ramachandran Poduval said...

Thank you Ammama. Yes, really easy to sit on a chair and complain about others. And as you said, everyone wants others to do the right thing, without they themselves following it

prateek parijat said...

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